Highlighting our projects/programs that we are able to show. We can only show a few projects/programs that we work on due to confidentialities. Over our tenure we have worked on hundreds of projects ranging from handheld to warehouse size systems.

You will see all our Annual Desktop Products in this section as well as some of the projects we provide to our customers.

  • 7th Annual Desktop Product - 2015 7th Annual Desktop Product - 2015
    7th Annual Desktop Product - 2015

    Our 7th Annual Desktop Product - It's About Time! Time is ticking - it's time to place another order with The EF Precision Group! Always showing "Attitude is Everything!"

  • NFL Football Scubber NFL Football Scrubber
    NFL Football Scrubber

    Designed in coordination with an NFL supplier to scrub the ball and remove the sheen.

  • 6th Annual Desktop Product - 2014 Pen, Pencil Highlighter Holder
    Pen, Pencil Highlighter Holder

    Our 6th Annual Desktop Product - Improving on our disciplines this product can hold all of your writing instruments, making it easier to find that pen to sign a new order for The E F Precision Group

  • 5th Annual Desktop Product - 2013 The Smartphone Holder
    The Smartphone Holder

    Our 5th Annual Desktop Product - Smartphone Holder - holds your phone in the ready to place new orders with The E F Precision Group

  • 4th Annual Desktop Product - 2012 The E F Precision Group Post-it Note Holder
    The E F Precision Group Post-it Note Holder

    Our 4th Annual Desktop Product - Post-it notes usually just lay around on desks - Let us know when your out this product comes with free refills!

  • 3rd Annual Desktop Product - 2011 Desktop Magnifier
    Desktop Magnifier

    Our 3rd Annual Desktop Product - The Magnifier - seeing the difference working with The E F Precision Group!

  • WorldWater & Solar Technologies MaxPure Series I
    MaxPure Series I

    WorldWater wanted to create a water purification system to deliver reliable power and clean water where traditional sources are unavailable, compromised, too expensive or environmentally unfriendly. They designed a raw idea for the system, but needed a product that could be manufactured to meet both weight and size restrictions. That’s where The EF Precision Group came in.

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  • Drug Discovery Custom System

    A custom designed and built 9 axis Drug Delivery System. This system was designed to perform delivery of assay's repetitively in micro doses from one station to another. The requested "MTBF" was 6 months or better. Today, 4 years after completion the system has been up and running 24/7 with zero failures, < 1% down time, and is ready for it's 1st service PM.

  • 2nd Annual Desktop Product - 2010 A Business Card Holder.
    A Business Card Holder.

    Our 2nd Annual Desktop Product in the series - A Business Card Holder

  • 1st Annual Desktop Product - 2009 The EF Precision Group Cup Holder
    The EF Precision Group Cup Holder

    Our 1st Annual Desktop product - Cup Holder no more rings on your desk.