Quality Assurance

Superior Quality. Continuous Improvement.

The EF Precision Group is committed to the highest levels of quality on every component, assembly, and engineering project we provide.  We are equally dedicated to the pursuit of new ideas, initiatives and technologies that enable us to continually enhance our quality capabilities, cost containment, and improved efficiencies.

Value-Added Quality Assurance Services

  • Certificate of Completion for all shipments to meet the strict controls of all of our customers in the Aerospace, Defense, Medical and Pharmaceutical industries
  •  Zeiss CMM automated inspections for ultimate reliability
  •  Traceability on all material

Yearly Assessment - DNV & SRI Auditor Comments

  • Engaged senior management in daily activities and interaction with employees.
  • High capacity machinery capable of meeting surge demands.
  • Impressive achievement (e.g., "Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce Manufacturer of the Year")
  • Excellent deployment of Failure Modes Effects Analysis (FMEA's) applied across all OMS areas.
  • "Best-In-Class" process for Raw Material verification and recording of results.
  • Outstanding support of internal and external customer continual improvement (e.g., weekly customer-supplier team telecom / action item review meetings).

Maintaining the highest of quality standards EFPG is certified to AS9100D / ISO9001:2008 (DNV) / ISO13485:2016 (SRI)