Our Engineers are integrated into both our Assembly and Machining businesses providing value-add engineering support. The industries we serve include; pharmaceutical, medical, aerospace/defense, semiconductor, and OEM.

Engineering’s core competencies include:

  • Machine design and build, concept-through-completion
  • Integration of robotics into current or new process
  • Re-engineering for manufacturability or improvement to current design
  • Proficient using the following software;
    • AutoCAD®
    • Autodesk®Inventor™
    • SolidWorks®
    • Mastercam®
    • Esprit

With a compliment of EE’s and ME’s their experience and backgrounds compliment the shop and assembly departments. EFPG’s engineers have designed and built a myriad of products from a simple NFL football scrubber to a complex 9 axis pharmaceutical delivery system. They support our customer from the simple to complex services and are able to adapt to the customer requirements.