Highly Complex Close Tolerance CNC Machining and Assembly For the Aerospace and Defense Industry

With our AS9100D certification and ITAR registration, EF Precision, Inc. is capable of handling all phases of the manufacturing process. All machining and finishing operations are managed through a controlled process, utilizing JobBoss Shop Management System that provides real time tracking, maintenance of all routers, and inventory management.

With 54 CNC machines, EF Precision, Inc. has been meeting aerospace machining requirements with quality production processes and equipment for over four decades. We provide a variety of machining processes and complete manufacturing capabilities that are a value-add to the defense and aerospace industry. Our complex close tolerance aerospace machining experience makes us a trusted service provider for this demanding and highly technical industry. Whether we are machining an 80 lb. forging down to a 13 lb. complex component using our 9 axis machining centers, or a close tolerance slip ring, we put our extensive industry experience and state-of-the-art equipment to efficient use for manufacturing high quality components that are certain to meet exact specifications. We also offer machining options for various assemblies and subassemblies. Utilizing our copyrighted Electronic File Process, we use our software to take a large solid model file and convert this to a digital product, creating a CNC program and CMM inspection program for each individual part as required. EF Precision, Inc. also offers subassembly and assembly services, concurrent engineering and consultative manufacturing with the goal of helping our aerospace clients make better parts in better ways.

Value Added Services –Aerospace and Defense

In addition to our complex close tolerance CNC machining for aerospace applications, we also perform in-house measurement and inspection of our manufactured parts and components in our Quality Lab of Excellence; using 3 Zeiss CMM’s and Flash OGP Smartscope. This fully staffed inspection facility verifies the tight tolerances required in aerospace and defense applications and assures that we continue to meet our customers’ most stringent requirements and specifications. EF Precision also performs in-house laser marking where required by our two Tykma Laser Marking Systems. The maximum part size is 24”W X 18” L x 9.5” H.

Our complex close tolerance aerospace machining services and finishing capabilities through our NADCAP approved supplier partners, make EF Precision, Inc. a turn-key full-service manufacturing partner for your supply chain. We are conveniently located in the center of the East Coast Heli-Hub near major transportation routes. Contact us below and learn more about our aerospace and defense machining and assembly capabilities.


  • 54 CNC machines
  • Vertical and horizontal milling—3 to 5 axis milling our envelope for parts are < 30" cubed
  • Turning up to 24'' diameter by 3 feet long—6 to 9 axis mill/turn machining
  • Close tolerance machining +/- .0003''
  • All tooling is manufactured and controlled in house
  • In house laser marking
  • In house citric passivation
  • All finishing is managed to our customer specifications and direction. We provide turnkey services; including heat treating, anodizing, painting, plating and marking. Our suppliers are industry experienced and are NADCAP approved.

Aerospace and Defense Materials Machined at EF Precision, Inc. - Titanium, Aluminum, Stainless, Inconel, Castings, Forgings

Typical Aerospace and Defense Products: Slip Ring, Head- Rat, Cover, Top Cover, Heat sink, Clip, Clamp Assembly, Plate, Housing, Washer, Screw Clamp, Drip Pan, Bracket, Bulkhead, Cam Follower, Mold Assembly, Plate Mold, Canister Assembly, Standoff Spool, Optics Block, Support Beam, Spacer Spring, Pin, Body, Lid, Box, Kill Box, Pin Dowel, Support, Ring, Bearing Housing, Rod Support, Plate Backer, Base Cord, End Fitting, Support Cage, Cover Assembly, Structure, Carrier Assembly, Chassis Assembly, Spacer, Tray Assembly, Tie Rod, Strainer, Retainer, Guide Assembly, Guide Poppet, End Plate, Rotor Hub, Spacer Bearing, Gasket Cover, Swivel, Seal, Yoke, Cup Adapter, Hub, Key, Spool, Insert, Packing, Control Box, Spring Clevis. Bell Crank, Base, Scoop, Lead, Air Scoop, Manifold, Sleeve, Lid, Backing, Card Adjuster, Ferrule, Rod End Assembly, Stiffener, End Cap, Frame, Shaft.


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