In Precision Assembly, Inc.'s facility, custom manufacturing automation and equipment are assembled and built to exact customer specifications to perform whatever important tasks, processes and needs the end user demands. We provide turnkey automation products and systems that can be integrated into another automated process, or a fully automated machine, including custom equipment for a large variety of industries.

Types of Equipment manufactured from our 30,000 SF assembly plant:
Dental Imaging
Food Safety
Postal Sorting Machinery
Surgical equipment; orthopedic, maxillofacial, spine, and biopsy products
Solar Powered Water Treatment Systems

Send us your drawings and bill of materials, let us provide you a full encompassing quote, and give us the opportunity to build your product. Using the most efficient process, with our advanced material management techniques, our goal is to meet your quality requirements.

In addition to equipment builds, our custom products also include: box builds, cabinet builds, control boxes and electro mechanical assemblies that are not Commercial off-the-shelf Products. We utilize our consultative approach, understanding your requirements, prior to building your products, and we can design our processes to meet your particular requirements on time and with uncompromised customer service. We will test your product to your specification as we are always working to deliver zero out-of-box failures. As requested, we will final pack and distribute to you or your end customer.

Food Safety Equipment and Machinery
The EF Precision Group - committed to top quality food safety equipment

Producing a myriad of machines that have expanded over the years, The EF Precision has been manufacturing and assembling food safety equipment from our 30,000 SF ISO 13485 FDA registered facility in Willow Grove, PA. We started out with a “Generator”; a producer of a solution that cleans and removes micro bacteria from produce and transitioned to coffee machines that started from an idea which transitioned to concept to final product engineering - a new way to brew coffee.

Our experience also includes building machines that measure viscosity and provide test results online. Our knowledge base doesn’t end there; we also collaborate with outside sources as key resources to problems or challenges that exceed our bandwidth, and we are always searching for different paths to take, giving our customers the ability to work on their next opportunity.

For more information about The EF Precision Group's manufacturing and product solutions for the food safety industry, and to learn how we can help streamline your product line(s) as a manufacturing supplier partner, please contact us at Sales@efgroup.com