Custom Pharmaceutical Processing and Assembly Equipment Manufacturing
Build to print or custom design and build multi-axis machines

ISO13485 Certified

30,000 assembly plant

Manufacturing, Software and Electrical Engineers on staff

From concept with customer collaboration to final build utilizing customer material, The EF Precision group provides labor and/or engineering of the project from all of its complexities, including; software, wiring, detailing, complete assembly, on-floor / in-house validation. The goal is to reduce client stress of the project and the program management through consultative collaboration with our highly talented staff and quality certified organization. Our clients can then devote their resources developing their next project, knowing and having confidence that they have a trusted partner managing their equipment builds.

Capabilities: At The EF Precision Group, we have built table top laboratory equipment up to warehouse sized, 110 foot Fill Line - from inception of bottles and caps to a finished product at a 400 bottles per minute rate.

And That’s Not All

Value added offerings:
Component parts manufactured in house
Management of commercially available components
Electromechanical and mechanical assembly
Pneumatic and hydraulic Systems
Control cabinets
Reliability and trust to package and ship to the end user