The EF Precision Group’s focus is to deliver superior quality products and innovative technical solutions through our consultative manufacturing organization with the sole purpose of enhancing our customers’ competitiveness and efficiency. To achieve this mission, we maintain certification in ISO9001, AS9100, ISO13485, Cabinet Builds and subscribe to specific company supplier management objectives. At Precision Assembly, Inc., purchased parts account for a significant percentage of our overall costs. As such, to achieve our customer’s quality, cost and delivery objectives, a specific supplier management strategy was created to establish and develop close and long-term relationships with our suppliers. The involvement of our suppliers within the value stream is managed through continuously improved communication between the company and our supplier partners. Requirements for maintaining and optimizing supplier performance and strictly adhering to supplier measurement are part of our best practice to maintain quality goals and ultimately increase customer satisfaction.Supplier audits and assessments are utilized on a specified basis and EFPG reserves the right to verify supplier compliance to requirements on-site for those suppliers identified as having a high impact on safety, fit, form, function, and quality. Concurrently, machined components and mechanical assemblies which are produced in EF Precision, Inc. are managed similarly.

The EF Precision Group Quality Laboratory resides between the two facilities and houses 3 Zeiss CMM’s and an OGP Smartscope. It is amply staffed with 5 inspection personnel, including a QA Manager. The result is a vertically integrated consultative manufacturing organization with a rigorously managed outside supply chain and in-house component and assembly manufacturing. Significant investments in equipment and personnel and numerous engineers on staff, make The EF Precision Group, a highly capable supply chain partner and supplier.