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Surgical Orthopedic Mallet
2LB Orthopedic Mallet


Manufacture a 2LB Orthopedic Mallet The challenge to introduce a Mallet that outperformed the old "standard Mallets" is what spurred us on.


The EF Precision Group built the mallet, which is performing extraordinarily well at a premiere orthopedic Philadelphia hospital. Outside of the "striking face", the mallets continue to hold their aesthetics without showing any structural fatigue, stress fractures. The customers are very pleased with the mallet's performance; and the "feel" of the product is well accepted. EF Precision’s machinists are driven to provide the best performing Orthopedic Mallet in the market.


CNC Machining. EF Precision's years of experience spurred us to work closely with our customer to manufacture this product. Our CNC machining capabilities and talented workforce welcome challenges and new projects. EFPG's QA Inspection Lab assures exact conformance to tight tolerance complex machined components and assemblies.

2LB Mallet
2LB Mallet