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Designed and Manufactured by EF Precision, Inc.


Show our multi-axis machining capabilities and create a marketing piece that our customers, employees and friends alike would appreciate.


Show off our skills

  • 2009 - 1st Annual Desktop Product - Cup Holder no more rings on your desk.
  • 2010 - 2nd Annual Desktop Product in the series - A Business Card Holder
  • 2011 - 3rd Annual Desktop Product - The Magnifier - seeing the difference working with The E F Precision Group!
  • 2012 - 4th Annual Desktop Product - Post-it notes usually just lay around on desks - Let us know when you’re out, this product comes with free refills!
  • 2013 - 5th Annual Desktop Product - Smartphone Holder - holds your phone in the ready to place new orders with The E F Precision Group
  • 2014 - 6th Annual Desktop Product - Improving on our disciplines this product can hold all of your writing instruments, making it easier to find that pen to sign a new order for The E F Precision Group.
  • 2015 - 7th Annual Desktop Product - It's About Time! Time is ticking - it's time to place another order with The EF Precision Group- Always showing "Attitude is everything!"
  • 2016 - 8th Annual Desktop Product - Seal the deal with our custom tape dispenser.
  • 2017 – 9th Annual Desktop Product – Another compliment to everyday office use.
  • 2018 - 10th Annual Desktop Product - Showcasing our 40th Anniversary logo.


Design/Engineering, CNC Machining and Finishing. Each year, our company’s design engineers and CNC experts look forward to developing desktop items as a yearly activity. Each desktop product is unique and bears our mantra “Attitude is Everything”.

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40th stapler