Quality Excellence

The EF Precision Group is committed to the highest levels of quality on every component, assembly, and engineering project we provide. We are equally dedicated to the pursuit of new ideas, initiatives and technologies that enable us to continually enhance our quality capabilities, cost containment, and improved efficiencies.


The companies of the EF Precision Group are dedicated to supply a degree of excellence to its customers by providing proficient machining and assembly services through state-of-the-art technology and skilled craftsmen. Continued company growth is assured by employee empowerment and encouraged participation in process improvement. Our reputation for excellence and customer satisfaction has been founded on these basic concepts. As technology and knowledge grow, our efficiency will become a further enhancement for total customer satisfaction.



The EF Precision Group is a privately owned organization that supports its customer with highly precise products of their design.

Metals are procured in accordance with customers' requirements that may contain small amounts of "3TG" minerals required by the specification of procurement.

The supply chain (raw material providers) has programs in place that monitor the sources of materials (smelters) that assure "3TG" minerals are obtained from approved sources.

The EFPG will not knowingly or inadvertently provide material containing "3TG" minerals are obtained from the Democratic Republic of the Congo or the adjoining countries identified in the Doff-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.


The EF Precision Group Risk Management Plan

The plan recognizes all processes required by the organization to machine or assemble a product.

The plan recognizes a learning curve and includes a reduction in the “RPN” value for work accomplished without nonconformances. The plan can be applied to an individual part, individual customer or to support the business model of the organization. The plan is supported by a robust quality management system that exceeds specification requirements.

The plan pinpoints specific areas for mitigation efforts before the first chip is machined or the first component is assembled. Application of the Risk Management Plan reduces normal risks associated with complex, critical jobs, by detailing where the risks are and then building processes to abate those problem areas.

The EF Precision Group Electronic Media

Maintaining the highest of quality standards The EF Precision Group is certified to ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D (DNV GL) and ISO13485:2016 (SRI)

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