The need for component assembly, inventory and delivery is met by the Precision Assembly, Inc., division of the The EF Precision Group. Capabilities include sub-assemblies or full assemblies from start to finish. Whether it is a simple, handheld product with a few components, or a large automation line with several thousand components, we have the ability and facilities to build it.

We will build your assembly using your bill of materials or take responsibility for managing all components throughout the build utilizing our ERP system. This includes procurement and inventory control of all materials, production and delivery to required schedule(s). No matter what contract method; blanket orders, schedules to contractual agreements, just-in-time or kanbans, your challenges will be met with the urgency required.

•Mirrored BOM's in our ERP system
•Services can include an illustrated, detailed, written procedure developed to ensure your product(s) are built precisely to specifications time after time.
•As a Registered FDA Critical Device / Contract Manufacturer (FDA #2531195), we apply our broad experience to reach our goal of zero defects on every job.
•Our Quality Managment System utilizes aspects from all our certifications; AS9100D, ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and they are utilized throughout the manufacturing process.
•Material Management (2) Material Managers, (4) Sr. Procurement personnel, Manage 60-70 jobs on the shop floor, Manage 20-25 assembly jobs, Manage over 8,000 components for our Assembly customers.