Design Engineering
Engineering Innovation Technology

Our engineers are integrated into both the Assembly and Machining Centers providing value-add engineering support. The industries we serve include; pharmaceutical, medical, aerospace/defense, semiconductor, and OEM.

Engineering’s core competencies include:
•Concurrent Engineering
•Machine collaboration and build, concept-through-completion
•Integration of robotics into current or new process
•Custom Build
•Re-engineering for manufacturability or improvement to current design
•Proficient using the following software;

Our consultative manufacturing organization is enhanced with a complement of Electrical and Mechanical Engineers with diverse experience and varying backgrounds. Their experience enhances the consultative piece of the business as well as the machining and assembly facility. EFPG’s engineers have designed and built a myriad of products from a simple NFL football scrubber to a complex 9 axis pharmaceutical delivery system. Their innovative technology approach supports our customer from the simple to complex services and are able to adapt to customer requirements and product improvement. Offering both concurrent engineering and collaboration for manufacture, our Consultative Manufacturing approach is with the single goal of offering the next gen, highest possible level of manufacturing and customer satisfaction possible.