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Ensuring Precision in Electro Mechanical Assembly: Quality Control and Testing Strategies

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Being a Registered Critical Device Manufacturer for more than 30 years gives us credibility, and our certifications reassure our customers that we are dedicated to our quality performance. Today, we’re taking it a step further and exploring our strategies for precision quality. 

Quality Assurance Starts With Customer Collaboration

Electro mechanical assembly requires a high level of precision to ensure the final product operates as intended, and as such, demands rigorous quality control at every step of the process. At The EF Precision Group, our quality process starts from the very beginning, the first consultation. Using customer-supplied drawings and bill of materials (BOMs), we’re able to get a jump start on risk management to ensure smooth production. Working with our clients, we developed inspection checkpoints and ongoing testing to ensure absolute quality and precision.

We are empowered by accepting risk, reducing our customers' stress, and providing high-quality, precision results. By starting on the ground floor and assisting our customers with manufacturability input, we’re able to create solutions that not only ensure quality but also reduce material waste and tooling costs. Using an AS9100D-certified quality management system (QMS) and ISO13485-registration requirements to oversee every aspect of a project is pivotal to our ability to produce exceptional quality. 

Specific Quality Assurance Techniques for Electro Mechanical Assembly

Depending on client requirements, there are two main techniques we use to ensure quality throughout manufacturing electro-mechanical assemblies: automated testing and rigorous inspections.

Automated Testing

There are many opportunities throughout the production process to establish automated testing, which builds confidence that each part or component is produced to exact specifications while meeting traceability and documentation requirements. 

Rigorous Inspections

Where required, we include thorough quality inspections at each production workstation. These repeated inspections provide another opportunity to ensure the highest quality without consuming extra time.

The Key to Ensuring Precision in Electro Mechanical Assembly – Customer Collaboration

Only by working together with our clients to develop a comprehensive understanding of their project and requirements can we truly build exceptional results. The EF Precision Group thrives on the complex and high-risk manufacturing needs of critical industries. Contact us today to learn more!