Surgical Instruments & Components Orthopedic, Spinal & Maxiofacial

We have over four decades of experience providing major OEM's with top of the line surgical instruments and products.

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  • Specialized expertise with Titanium
  • Stainless
  • Aluminum
  • Castings
  • PEEK
  • Delrin
  • Exotic materials such as Inconel, and Monel

Consultative Manufacturing Services:

  • Registered critical device facility
  • High precision, high complexity & close tolerance CNC machining
  • Electromechanical Assembly
  • Engineering Services as requested, which is not part of our certification.

In-house Services:

  • Laser Marking
  • Assembly
  • Medical Device Assembly and Lab Area
  • Citric Passivation
  • CMM Inspection

A partial listing of the components and products that we manufacture:

  • Implant trials and sizers and related holding, insertion and manipulating devices
  • Box-type chisels, scrapers, shavers and excisors
  • Pin Cutters hand-held
  • Bending irons
  • Slide and slap hammers and mallets
  • Depth gauges, stationary and sliding
  • External fixation pin and rod clamps and combination clamps, adjustable and rotating
  • Drill and wire guides, single and double-end, fixed and variable angle adjustable
  • Protection sleeves, ports, cannualae, straight and beveled, threaded and unthreaded
  • Aiming arms, fixed and variable angle
  • Screw drivers solid and cannulated, square, hexagonal, cruciform and torx(hexalobe), hand-held and power driven (A/O quick release)
  • T-handle drivers, ratcheting and couther-torque
  • Saw cutting guides
  • Distraction devices, maxio-facial type, adjustable and variable angle
  • External fixator components rods, plates connectors

MOCK Mallet


THE CHALLENGE: Manufacture a 2LB Orthopedic Mallet and introduce a mallet that outperformed the old "standard mallets".

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Surgical Instruments developed and manufactured for specific procedures:

  • Hip and Knee Surgery
  • Maxillofacial
  • Spine – Cervical – Lumbar
  • Collaboration and concepts for Mixing Products for surgical use, including Brain Injury ancillary products.
  • Disinfectant Units for Hospital Suites, Schools, and Emergency Vehicles, to eliminate bacteria and germs.
  • An Imaging product, utilizing weight-bearing imaging, that could be used both to improve the overall understanding of lower extremity biometrics, and how it could enhance the diagnosis of several lower extremity conditions. Which is not part of our certification.


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