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The EF Group: Redefining Precision Manufacturing Solutions Through Innovation and Excellence

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Our certifications separate us from the pack, our legacy separates us from the competition, and our quality defines us.

History of Innovation

The EF Precision Group was founded in 1977 with a straightforward vision: To be a trendsetter in manufacturing through true customer collaboration to build, maintain, and enhance customer satisfaction. Over these 40-plus years, we have grown dramatically, both in our capabilities and in our understanding of the future needs of our customers. We are proud to be one of the top precision manufacturing solutions companies in the USA.

Today, we proudly provide our customers with our unique manufacturing solutions, including complete customer collaboration. Your passion is our passion. Your project is our project. Your success is our success. 

Commitment to Quality

At The EF Precision Group, we thrive on the associated challenges of high-risk manufacturing. Our clients come to us because other manufacturers may be more risk averse, and may not have the passion for the project, and technical expertise to create precision results despite high-risk elements. Here, Attitude is Everything! We are no longer the “Mom and Pop” shop, we haven’t forgotten where we started, the importance of client relationships knowing they can trust us to meet their requirements and rely on us to meet their goals and exceed their expectations.

What Makes Us One of the Top Precision Manufacturing Solution Companies

For 47 years, we have dedicated ourselves to refining our services and processes to ensure total customer satisfaction. From the small garage shop to the 65,000-square-foot facility today, we remain a consultative manufacturing organization that is fully committed to excellence. 

Advanced Machining Technology

Technology has exploded over the past 40 years, both outside and inside the manufacturing industry. Over the years, we have grown and reinvented ourselves to integrate these new technologies into every facet of our operation. Our expansive capabilities include some of the most advanced machining solutions the industry has to offer. 

Skilled and Passionate Workforce

The most advanced technology is only as valuable as the individuals behind the machines. The EF Precision Group not only employs a skilled and experienced workforce but fosters professional growth within our team. Attitude is everything, and our employees come to work each day knowing they are building products that enhance lives. They are bringing innovations to life!

Customer-Centric Approach

At The EF Precision Group, our customers are our highest priority. We have developed a unique approach to collaborating with our clients to ensure total satisfaction. Our consultative manufacturing process has allowed us to grow our connections with each customer to develop long-term relationships with proven success.

We Live the Words We Say

Our customers know they can trust us to develop innovative solutions for some of their more complex and complicated projects. A few recent case studies explore our comprehensive services and innovative solutions, including:

  • Ramping up production of medical equipment in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Read More.
  • Develop a reliable system that provides both solar power and clean water. Read More.
  • Working with an Imaging company for humans to be introduced to a company that provides Imaging products for animals and possibly fish in the future.

 To learn more about our Consultative Manufacturing Solutions, please contact The EF Precision Group today!