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The EF Precision Group Announces Expansion Readiness and New Hires

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The EF Precision Group is pleased to announce the recent new hires of 4 assemblers, 2 new machinists, a senior buyer, an additional QC Inspector and a manufacturing engineer to their team.

These additions in personnel are a valuable combination for our clients in the company’s CNC machining division as well as our assembly division. In response to clients’ needs for additional capacity and COVID19 manufacturing support, our recent personnel expansion provides necessary value-added resources and services, ensuring that we achieve additional capacity and quality, delivery, and price requirements.

Our custom assembly and equipment division focuses on client-designed medical, commercial and industrial equipment with long-term partnerships where The EF Precision Group serves as an external manufacturing resource for both subassemblies and entire product lines.

Founded in 1977 as a small CNC machine shop located in the suburban Philadelphia area, The EF Precision Group has grown to become a 90-employee design and manufacturing organization, featuring two divisions and with over 65,000 square feet of space.

The company’s vision is to “be the trendsetter for the next level of manufacturing as the consultative manufacturing organization to turn to; bringing a mindset and practice focused on proactive customer interaction. Customer collaboration using clearly defined consultative principles is for the sole purpose of building, sustaining and enhancing long term total customer satisfaction.”


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